Solution Briefs - Industrial Defender

Solution Briefs

Solution Brief: Safely Collect, Monitor & Manage OT Asset Data at Scale

Multiple vendor systems, geographically dispersed plants and hard-to-reach endpoints make it difficult to effectively monitor, manage and protect control system networks. Learn how our solution can help you solve these challenges.

Solution Brief: Effective Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems (BMS)

Our proven industrial cybersecurity solution is now available for building management systems. With Building Defender™, facilities engineers and IT professionals can address the ever-expanding cyber threat landscape with safe and effective cybersecurity data collection, monitoring, and management for BMS systems and devices.

Solution Brief: Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation for the Maritime Industry

Increasing digitalization and connectivity in the maritime industry have exposed critical safety and operational systems to new cyber threats. To address these risks, many governing bodies like the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and United States Coast Guard (USCG) are creating and enforcing new guidelines that both ports and vessels must comply with. Learn how Industrial Defender can solve these challenges for companies in the maritime industry.

Solution Brief: ABB System 800xA

Learn how Industrial Defender has partnered with ABB to provide a solution to automate the day to day security, compliance and change management activities of their widely deployed System 800xA product. Using Industrial Defender’s ASM product, ABB users can easily monitor security events from 800xA servers, workstations, switches, routers, firewalls and RTUs from a single, unified location.

Partner Brief: Waterfall Security

Industrial Defender and Waterfall Security Solutions have partnered to deliver an IT/OT security solution to address the challenges of transmitting cybersecurity data in critical infrastructure environments. The integration of Industrial Defender ASM and Waterfall Unidirectional Gateways is enabled through a propriety system that safely passes ASM data from monitored assets through Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateways.

Partner Brief: FoxGuard Solutions

Industrial Defender and FoxGuard® have partnered to deliver an industry-leading cybersecurity solution to address these challenges. The fundamental core of any good security or compliance program is knowing your assets, including their current patch and vulnerability posture, so that you can properly prioritize patching and remediation efforts.