Solution by Type: Security Event Monitoring

OT Cyber Threat Detection

Comprehensive OT cybersecurity monitoring and management for critical infrastructure

The Challenge

Detecting and prioritizing cybersecurity threats to operational technology systems

How Our Solution Detects & Prioritizes Security & Operational Threats

Consolidate security data from multiple sources to triage the events that matter most

Quickly detect any change to your OT assets, including ports & services, users, software, patches and firewall rules

Monitor for network anomalies to flag suspicious communication activity

Get the contextual data you really need, including how important a device is, where it’s located and who owns it

Share OT cybersecurity data across the enterprise to improve communication and reduce MTTR

Access historical event logs for all your OT devices to aid incident response

Detect Anomalous Activity with Industrial Defender & MITRE ATT&CK for ICS

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