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Case Study: Strengthening OT/ICS Cybersecurity in European Electric System Operations

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The Situation

An electric distribution system operator responsible for the power network that keeps the lights on for 8 million customers across 3.9 million homes and businesses in Europe had a vision of being a flexible and reliable digital energy network. Their digitalization roadmap aligns with their plan to meet the zero-carbon challenge, guided by the following principles:

  • Improving system resilience and reliability through increased data visibility and transparency across the energy network. The company has set a goal to enhance data practices for improved data sharing.
  • Maintaining their industry-leading status in cybersecurity by proactively detecting and protecting against cyber threats. The company recognizes the importance of robust data practices to safeguard their digital infrastructure.


The operator gained the following capabilities to manage their systems according to CIS Controls and NIS Directive standards:

Asset Inventory Management

  • Automated asset inventory discovery
  • All equipment acquisitions automatically updated in the system

Software/Firmware and Patch Management for Computers, Network and Process Control Devices

  • Devised authorized software list by system type
  • Deployed software inventory tools for each OS type
  • Tracking OS versions and installed applications
  • Maintaining latest security updates on all network devices

Critical File Integrity Checking

  • Deployed file integrity checking tools to verify critical system files haven't been altered