Webinar: Prepare and Prevent: Using the AESCSF to Prepare for the SLACIP Bill 2022

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The Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure Protection) (SLACIP) Act came into effect on 2 April 2022. With the passing of this legislation, Australian critical infrastructure companies must report cybersecurity incidents to the government and must also adopt a risk management program.

The Australian Energy Sector Cybersecurity Framework (AESCSF) has been successfully applied in the energy industry already and serves as a broadly relevant example of a top-notch OT security model to measure your cyber program against regardless of industry.

Watch this webinar recording to learn why the AESCSF is a great model that can help you prepare for future regulations. We’ll discuss:

  • What the SLACIP Act means for critical infrastructure companies in Australia
  • The Enhanced Cyber Security Obligations (ECSO) that systems of national significance (SoNS) must prepare for
  • Which AESCSF domains you can use to meet these new obligations
  • Tips for automating compliance with the SLACIP Bill using an OT cybersecurity platform