Solutions By Type

Solution by Type: Asset Management

OT Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure

Identify, monitor and manage your operational technology asset and security data at scale with a single platform.

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Solution by Type: Vulnerability Management

Risk-Based OT Vulnerability Management

Combine accurate OT asset intelligence with the power of NIST’s NVD, ICS-CERT alerts and VEX to execute a risk-based vulnerability management program.

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Solution by Type: Security Event Monitoring

OT Cyber Threat Detection

Comprehensive OT cybersecurity monitoring and management for critical infrastructure.

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Solution by Type: Compliance Reporting

Simplified Compliance Reporting for OT Environments

Automate manual compliance tasks with a suite of built-in policy management options and one-click compliance reporting for dozens of international standards.

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Solutions By Function

Solution by Function: Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Standards for Critical Infrastructure

Centralize your OT asset data and automate compliance with a suite of built-in reporting capabilities for international regulations and standards.

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Solution by Function: Executive

Manage Cyber Governance & Risk Across your OT Infrastructure

Our solution helps security executives holistically manage cyber risk inside their operational technology environments.

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Solution by Function: Operations

OT Asset Visibility & Management in One Place

Safely collect, monitor and manage OT asset data at scale.

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Solution by Function: Security

Reduce MTTR with Contextual OT Data

Investigate the cybersecurity events that really matter with centralized security monitoring for OT assets and networks.

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Solutions By Industry

Industry: Building Automation

Industrial Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems

Building management systems (BMS) face an expanding cyber threat landscape. Facilities engineers and IT professionals must address critical vulnerabilities to prevent cyberattacks against the critical business systems and people in their properties.

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Industry: Chemical

OT Cyber Risk Management for the Chemical Industry

Chemical companies often struggle with limited visibility into and control of their heterogenous OT systems.

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Industry: Critical Manufacturing

OT Cybersecurity for Critical Manufacturing

As we move into Industry 4.0, manufacturers are investing in digitalization initiatives to improve efficiency, resulting in the need to invest in cybersecurity for their operational assets.

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Industry: Electric

Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation for Electric Utilities

Electric utilities face strict regulatory oversight, geographically dispersed infrastructure and increasing pressure to protect their OT systems from escalating nation-state attacks.

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Industry: Federal Government

OT Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation for Federal Government Agencies

Federal agencies must protect the availability and safety of their operational technology infrastructure to ensure national security.

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Industry: Food & Agriculture

Industrial Cybersecurity for Food & Agriculture Companies

Food and agriculture organizations are investing in digital transformation to improve efficiency and product quality, resulting in the need to invest in cybersecurity their operational assets.

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Industry: Maritime

OT Cybersecurity Management for the Maritime Industry

Cybersecurity stakeholders in the maritime industry must address escalating safety and operational concerns from the expanding cyberthreat landscape.

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Industry: Metals & Mining

OT Cybersecurity for the Metals & Mining Industry

The mining industry is embracing digitalization to improve productivity, but the increased use of connected assets requires enhanced visibility and awareness of operational systems.

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Industry: Oil & Gas

OT Cybersecurity & Risk Management for the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas companies must address the challenges of sprawling global infrastructure, severe safety hazards and the threat of nation-state cyberattacks.

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Industry: Pharmaceuticals

OT Cybersecurity for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have thousands of industrial attack vectors within their operational technology (OT) systems, lab facilities, and storage warehouses.

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Industry: Rail

OT Cybersecurity for the Rail Industry

Rail transportation companies must address increasing cybersecurity threats to ensure the safety of people and critical cargo shipments.

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Industry: Water

OT Cybersecurity Management for Water & Wastewater

Water and wastewater companies must protect the communities and industries they serve by addressing escalating cyberthreats which jeopardize the safety of the public and their continuous operations.

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