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Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation for Electric Utilities

Electric utilities face strict regulatory oversight, geographically dispersed infrastructure and increasing pressure to protect their OT systems from escalating nation-state attacks. Our OT cyber risk management platform helps utility companies protect their assets, manage their OT data, and automate compliance reporting.

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Electric Utilities’ Challenges

Keeping up with compliance mandates, ensuring OT asset data is accurate and up-to-date, and detecting emerging cybersecurity threats.

Solution Benefits for Utilities

Our OT cyber risk management platform helps security and compliance teams at electric utilities solve these challenges with safe, effective OT asset data collection and normalization techniques, including passive monitoring, agentless capabilities and native querying.

Identify, Monitor and Manage OT Assets

Create and manage a complete asset inventory, automatically quantify risk and monitor for vulnerabilities on-demand.

Automate Compliance

With a suite of built-in policy templates and compliance reports for multi-national standards,Industrial Defender eliminates the manual task of data collection and report generation.

Enable IT-OT Collaboration

Our flexible API enablesIT-OT integrations that deliver comprehensive asset intelligence to your IT, SOC and executive teams.

What our clients say

“NERC auditors accepted Industrial Defender’s technology and threat mitigation strategies that we put into place, instead of requiring a full operating system upgrade they had earlier requested. This was an incredible cost savings and immediately justified the purchase above and beyond what we saved by not deploying multiple point solutions.”

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Safely collect, monitor and manage OT asset data at scale