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Solution Brief: Configuration and Change Management for Operational Environments

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What does it mean to truly understand the OT environment? It begins with conducting an asset inventory to identify all OT assets within your environment. However, simply knowing what systems are present is not enough to fully understand and address security risks.

Many asset inventory or "visibility" solutions in the OT space stop at identifying only basic device information such as type, make, and model. To truly know your OT security risks and actively address them, you need deeper-level configuration details such as software versions, vulnerabilities, patches, firewall rules, and PLC key switch positions.

You also need to know when these configurations change. Keeping track of configuration changes allows you to quickly identify and respond to any unexpected or unauthorized alterations, reducing the risk of a security breach or compliance violation.

Read our solution brief to learn more about maintaining system integrity, security, and compliance over time with Configuration and Change Management (CCM).