Solution by Type: Configuration Change Management

Configuration and Change Management

Understanding what changes (and why) is critical to both safety and security. Change and configuration management is a crucial process that ensures the secure configuration of systems and evaluates any changes for potential security risks and compliance issues.

What is Configuration Management?

Configuration management focuses on maintaining the integrity of all configurable elements of a piece of hardware or software, including capturing a baseline build or settings for any specific asset, detecting new configurations and managing deployment of new builds or configurations.

What is Change Management?

Change management is about the people, processes, and decisions that implement these changes to configurable assets. This includes:

  • Building processes for requesting, vetting, and approving change requests
  • Establishing processes for emergency/exception change requests
  • Creating review and reporting processes in support of change management

Benefits of Industrial Defender for CCM

Deep visibility of configurations of systems, applications and network devices
Create configuration baselines and establish known good states for hardening your environment
Continuous identification of changes and deviations to the baseline that may indicate security and/or compliance issues
Maintain an accurate and detailed record of changes, including who made the change and when for investigating exceptions

Vital Endpoint Configuration Details

  • Device name, type, IP address, MAC address
  • Installed firmware and software inventory, including versions
  • OS, including vulnerabilities and patches installed
  • Open ports and services
  • Policies modified
  • Removable media installed
  • Malicious code detected/AV
  • Failure of event logging
  • Serial number