Solution by Function: Operations

OT Asset Visibility & Management in One Place

Safely collect, monitor and manage OT asset data at scale

The Challenge

Gaining situational awareness of operational technology environments to ensure availability, reliability and safety of the systems.

Our Solution

Our solution helps operations teams keep track of their OT assets and gain comprehensive situational awareness of what is happening inside their industrial control systems.

Identify and manage OT assets with our comprehensive data collection methodologies and easy onboarding/decommissioning functionality.
Uncover operational issues and misconfigurations with our anomaly detection engine.
Monitor device configurations for ports & services, users, software, patches and firewall rules.

“With Industrial Defender, we were able to improve operational efficiency and meet our compliance obligations.”

Industrial Defender Platform

Track Every OT Asset

Our comprehensive solution helps you identify, monitor and manage every OT asset to ensure availability, reliability and safety.

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