Webinar: Managing OT Data

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Critical infrastructure companies have multiple operational technology (OT) security data personas that help ensure the safety and security of their ICS assets. Plant managers, IT operations, compliance offices, SOC analysts, and executive-level teams all consume OT security data differently and have a common goal of ensuring that OT/ICS assets are secure.

Get this webinar recording to hear a conversation around the different personas that consume OT data and how they process that data differently. Our experts addressed:

  • What are the most valuable pieces of data to collect and why
  • How to integrate OT data into enterprise systems
  • How different people within your organization use OT data
  • Use cases for energy, water, and transportation sectors

This webinar was hosted by Cyber Senate.

  • Greg Valentine
    SVP Solutions Engineering, Industrial Defender
  • Scott Christensen
    Cybersecurity Lead, GrayMatter