Webinar: NIS2 Compliance for OT Operators - What You Should Be Doing Today


Tuesday May 30
3:00pm / 15:00 CEST
2:00pm / 14:00 BST
9:00am ET

Join us for a webcast featuring Industrial Defender and special guests Patrick Miller and Søren Egede Knudsen as we explore how Essential and Important Entities operating OT environments can actively work towards NIS2 compliance today, regardless of their EU member state of operation.

In this session, cybersecurity and compliance experts will discuss near-term and long-term priorities, the set of requirements all operators should work towards now (even as local laws are still in development), what to anticipate when in terms of enforcement, and what tools, people and other resources are needed to sustain a NIS2 compliant OT cybersecurity program.

Patrick Miller is a highly regarded expert in the IT/OT field with over 35 years of experience. He serves as the CEO of Ampere Industrial Security, a premier industrial security consulting company. Patrick is a well-known international public speaker, in demand for his knowledge on critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. He is also a current instructor for the SANS ICS456 training on NERC CIP standards.

Søren Egede Knudsen is an accomplished IT network and cyber security professional with over 25 years of industry experience. He founded Egede, a Denmark-based company consulting on industrial and critical infrastructure cybersecurity worldwide. With an exceptional service record and extensive knowledge, Søren has expertly managed numerous large and intricate international projects, detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats in ICS environments. He is also a well-respected international speaker, sharing his expertise on ICS cyber security at various conferences.

Register now for insights and guidance around:

  • Minimum NIS2 requirements that all countries must adhere to
  • Anticipating additional requirements beyond the EU set
  • Practically starting your compliance program now, ahead of country-specific laws
  • Preparing for enforcement audits, penalties, and fines
  • Tools, technologies, and personnel for near-term and long-term needs