Solution by Function: Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Standards for Critical Infrastructure

Centralize your OT asset data and automate compliance with a suite of built-in reporting capabilities for international regulations and standards.

The Challenge

Ensuring OT data is accurate and audit-ready to keep up with compliance mandates.

Our Solution

Our OT security and compliance platform provides the OT asset data collection and reporting templates you need to prove compliance with your standard.

Policy Management
Create, deploy, and audit compliance with policies across your control systems environment. As a vendor agnostic solution, policies can be written and applied to multiple assets, saving time and effort.
Compliance Automation
With a suite of built-in standard reports, Industrial Defender eliminates the manual task of data collection and report generation.
Configure report subscriptions for non-privileged users to receive reports via email, server share, and SharePoint.

“Industrial Defender’s built-in asset discovery and configuration baselining for OT/ICS products, well-organized OT asset database and ability to extract audit evidence in a timely manner provides significant value to our team. We also considered Tripwire for NERC CIP compliance, but would have needed to hire several additional FTEs to provide the same level of assurance that Industrial Defender delivers out of the box. Industrial Defender has been a great long-term partner and provided us with the most efficient path to monitor our asset configurations and achieve NERC CIP compliance.”

Create Audit-Ready Reports for Dozens of Multi-National Standards:

Industrial Defender Platform

Ready to Simplify Your Compliance Program?

Our comprehensive compliance solution helps you create policies, manage workflows and report on compliance with a suite of built-in or custom options.

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