Industrial Defender | ICS Cyber Security & Compliance

A Single Platform for Your ICS Cyber Security and Compliance Requirements

Industrial Defender provides a fully automated solution to discover, track and report on assets across your ICS footprint, including:

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Manage all your core ICS cyber security and compliance tasks from a single application
Turnkey deployments across all major control systems vendors – lowest TCO in the industry
API’s for integration with enterprise applications and security tools

Industrial Defender provides a fully automated solution to discover, track and report on assets across your ICS footprint.

A fully automated solution to discover, track and report on hundreds and thousands of assets across your ICS footprint. Learn more

A robust set of tools and reports that leverage asset management baselines to search, alert, manage, and control asset configurations. Learn more

Actionable intelligence from your control system. ASM consolidates, tracks, triages, and trends events in your ICS base using user-selectable time periods including hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Learn more

ASM Vulnerability Monitoring combines the power of ASM asset management with the accuracy and completeness of NIST’s vulnerability database and the timeliness of ICS-CERT threat alerts. This feature reports a current list of the potential Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) associated with your asset software inventory and provides information on patches available for these vulnerabilities. Learn more

Eliminate the laborious manual task of data collection and report generation, providing a suite of standard reports, including NERC-CIP V3 and V5 reporting packages and a wide range of reports encompassing assets, configuration, firewalls, policy, software and patches, and users. Report subscriptions can be configured for non-privileged users, allowing them to receive reports via many alternative methods, ensuring the delivery of the most current information to those who need it most. Learn more

Industrial Defender ASM supports the most popular industrial device manufacturers including SEL, Honeywell, Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Yokogowa and more.

Conquer Three Challenges

for Industrial Control Systems

Cyber Security

Protect against threats from both malicious outsiders and well-intentioned insiders.


Manage increasing external oversight from government (NERC CIP, BSI) and internal compliance with corporate policies, industry associations and best practices (NIST, CPNI, ISA99, API 1164, NIS Directive, CIS 20 Compliance, and more.).

Change Management

Know what assets are in your environment and when changes are made to those assets.

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