Industrial Defender ASM® is a management platform designed to address the overlapping requirements of cybersecurity, compliance, and change management for Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

A “single pane of glass” that provides asset visibility, tracking, configuration, policy control, and reporting for industrial endpoints from multiple vendors.

Industrial Defender Automation Systems Manager®

Multiple vendor systems, geographically dispersed plants and hard-to-reach endpoints make it difficult to effectively monitor, manage and protect process control networks. Traditional IT enterprise solutions can be demanding of already limited computing resources and often fail to fully address the cybersecurity needs of operational environments. Industrial Defender ASM is an industry leading solution for security, compliance and operations of control systems environments. By combining multiple applications on a single platform, it provides a consolidated real-time view to secure and manage your control systems environment. Certified to maintain performance standards by multiple control systems vendors, Industrial Defender ASM is the only platform to offer applications specifically engineered to address the overlapping requirements of cybersecurity, compliance, and change management.

Why Industrial Defender ASM?

Industrial Defender ASM® is designed to address the overlapping requirements of cybersecurity, compliance, and change management for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Over the last decade, Industrial Defender has developed and delivered a single unified platform to secure and manage control environments for critical infrastructure protection.

Industrial Defender ASM is the industry standard for maintaining availability and reliability of critical infrastructure amid escalating cyber threats, increasing regulatory burdens, and accelerating ICS management challenges. Over 400 companies in 25 countries rely on Industrial Defender ASM solutions to configure, manage and secure their critical infrastructure while reducing costs, manage risk, and enhance operational excellence.

Automation Systems Manager® Potential Benefits

Gain a consolidated view into your ICS asset base at a single site and across your fleet to monitor trends, manage events and investigate anomalies

Improve accuracy and efficiency of compliance reporting with automated data collection and archival of artifacts relevant to regulatory requirements

Reduce cybersecurity risks with automated asset configuration collection, enabling you to perform on-demand vulnerability management

Increase visibility into systems performance including application and process failures, registry and file changes

Product Overview

Industrial Defender ASM reduces the time it takes to identify, analyze, and report on security events and compliance requirements.
Asset Management
Provides a single, unified view of your asset base. Asset topology provides a graphical representation of your asset base with the ability to see individual asset health at click of a mouse. Quickly inventory, search and report on hardware and software versions within your environment.
Security Event Management
Collects, normalizes, and analyzes the vast amount of information provided by your control systems in a single, unified view, to monitor, track and review security events that really matter. The event management application provides an unprecedented level of visibility and management to control systems, and provides the foundation for a sustainable security program.
Configuration Managment
Automatically collects, normalizes, and reports changes affecting your control systems environment, regardless of vendor or location. You can easily create asset baseline configurations that ASM’s change detection engine compares with actual asset configuration data including ports and services, users, software, and patches and firewall rules.
Policy Management
Provides you with an easy way to create, deploy, and audit compliance with policies across your control systems environment. As a vendor-agnostic solution, policies can be written and applied to multiple assets, saving time and reducing duplication of effort. Industrial Defender ASM includes standard policies for NERC CIP v3 and v5, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 08-09 cybersecurity standards, and NIST SP 800-82.
Compliance Reporting
With a suite of built-in standard reports, including a NERC CIP reporting package and a host of other reports to meet internal policies, Industrial Defender ASM eliminates the laborious manual task of data collection and report generation. The reporting application allows you to configure report subscriptions for non-privileged users, allowing them to receive reports via email, server share, and SharePoint, ensuring the delivery of the most current information to those who need it the most.
Work Automation Suite
It enables ICS professionals to initiate, track, approve, document, and report on changes made to control systems assets eliminating those manual tasks to improve control systems operational effectiveness. It provides a place for users to store all documents related to a change including emails, test approvals, and configuration files. The built-in automated reporting notifies when critical milestones have been accomplished or missed, and identifies pre- and post-change variances to established baselines.