Solution by Type: Compliance Reporting

Simplified Compliance Reporting for OT Environments

Automate manual compliance tasks with a suite of built-in policy management options and one-click compliance reporting for dozens of international standards.

The Challenge

Proving compliance with regulatory standards in a complex industrial environment

Our Compliance Reporting Solution Helps

Provide the critical data you need to prove compliance with your standard. You can even choose from a suite of built-in policies for users, assets and groups.

Prove compliance with audit-ready compliance reporting and policy templates for all major industry standards, including NERC CIP, NIST, the NIS Directive and ISA/IEC standards.

Share the right information with the right people via our email, server share and SharePoint subscription options.

Create Audit-Ready Reports for Dozens of Multi-National Standards:

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Compliance Guide
The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is one of the most widely adopted voluntary standards in use today. It was designed to help organizations manage and reduce risks, as well as better communicate about cyber risk amongst both internal and external organizational stakeholders.
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Compliance Guide
The NERC CIP requirements were designed to ensure the security of North American bulk electric systems (BES) and consist of 12 standards covering security management controls, personnel and training, system security management, electronic security perimeters, disaster recovery planning, and configuration change management.
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Compliance Guide
The aim of the NIS Directive is to create a higher level of cybersecurity in Europe. The Directive significantly affects digital service providers (DSPs) and operators of essential services (OESs). Operators of essential services include any organisations whose operations would be greatly affected in the case of a security breach if they engage in critical societal or economic activities.
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