Solution by Type: Vulnerability Management

Risk-Based OT Vulnerability Management

Combine accurate OT asset intelligence with the power of NIST’s NVD, ICS-CERT alerts and VEX to execute a risk-based vulnerability management program.

The Challenge

Turning asset inventory information into an effective vulnerability management program

How Our Cloud-Based Vulnerability Management Solution Supports Effective Risk Mitigations

Know immediately if your asset is at risk without waiting for the next software update

Prioritize risk mitigations with our Vulnerability Prioritization Engine

Share OT vulnerability data across functions to make smarter patching decisions


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Transform Patch & Vulnerability Management with Industrial Defender + FoxGuard Solutions

Access additional vendor-approved data via our strategic partnership

Visualize precisely which assets are missing critical vendor patches or have open vulnerabilities published in vendor feeds

Track patches from release to installation, including a security rating for each

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