Webinar: Predicting ICS and OT Cybersecurity Trends in 2022 & Beyond

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As cyber attacks continue to increase against critical infrastructure, companies must become savvier about their OT cyber defenses and remain aware of current ICS security trends.

Watch this webinar to learn what ICS security trends to expect in 2022. Hear from Jim Crowley, Industrial Defender CEO, and Peter Lund, VP Product Management, as they discuss predictions and trends for the 2022 OT cybersecurity landscape. In this discussion, we addressed important questions such as:

  • What preventative controls should organizations adopt in 2022?
  • What legislation can we expect from the US government and which cybersecurity frameworks will they double down on?
  • How can organizations centralize their detection and response efforts to cyberthreats?
  • Which industries will face new compliance standards?