2022 Qatar Cybersecurity Framework

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With the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ approaching, the State of Qatar is proactively addressing cybersecurity concerns by ensuring that all entities providing services for the 2022 World Cup are compliant with the 2022 Qatar Cybersecurity Framework. Qatar’s leaders understand that a unified system of cybersecurity safeguards is required for an international event of this magnitude, and this system is defined within the Framework.

To comply, responsible entities must prove cybersecurity capabilities in different domains such as Cybersecurity Governance, Network Security, Change and Patch Management and Operations Technology Security Monitoring. The Industrial Defender platform provides a comprehensive view into critical infrastructure environments to improve visibility and provide insight into potential vulnerabilities and risks.Industrial Defender can collect and report on a wide variety of relevant capabilities to comply with the 2022 Qatar Cybersecurity Framework, including:

  • List of all hardware systems in the environment including physical location and ownership assignments.
  • Full software inventory including operating system, firmware, application software, version, etc.
  • List of all users and accounts on each asset, including local users, administrators, etc.
  • Patch status of OS and application software.
  • Known vulnerability exposures in software and their CVSS scores.
  • Configuration settings to determine whether the device is securely configured for ports, services, passwords, etc.
  • Network connection interfaces.
  • Firewall rule network protections in place.
  • Events with meaningful information for monitoring abnormal activities that may indicate cybersecurity risks.