A Powerful, Secure SCADA Solution for Mission-Critical Industries

Industrial Defender’s Real Time Application Platform (RTAP) solution delivers a truly powerful and secure SCADA solution to manage the automation challenges of today’s critical infrastructure industries.

RTAP specializes in monitoring and controlling large mission-critical operations that are complex, diverse and evolving.

The RTAP real-time object database offers you an unprecedented ability to reuse or clone system components, saving considerable time and investment in system development, expansion and maintenance.

Management and organization of large systems is made very easy, as tasks or modifications can be performed once on a parent component and apply to any clones of that component used throughout the entire system. RTAP has unmatched openness and flexibility both for configuration by engineering staff or at the programming level for custom modifications by developers or system integrators.

The full functionality of RTAP runs on Windows and Linux platforms allowing you flexibility to deal with the evolving operating system landscape. You can even mix and match RTAP Windows or Linux clients with RTAP Linux database servers for ultimate adaptability.

Industrial Defender’s RTAP SCADA solution provides:

Proven reliability and availability for mission-critical applications
Flexibility and openness to adapt to changing system and application requirements
Multiple operating system choices including Linux and Windows
Integrated security solution designed specifically for today’s control environment