CopilOT Service™

Industrial Defender CopilOT Service™

Maximize the value of your Industrial Defender deployment, while freeing up time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Our approach

Ensure operational optimization and continuity

As the volume, variety and sophistication of cybersecurity threats increases, critical infrastructure companies struggle to maintain security operations centers staffed with highly skilled personnel and resources due to a shortage of cybersecurity talent, as well as budget constraints.

That’s why we created the CopilOT Service™. This offering reduces internal teams’ workloads, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives, while also better leveraging their Industrial Defender platform to harden their OT environments.

Key Benefits

Free up time to focus on strategic initiatives
Fully leverage Industrial Defender’s feature sets to enhance OT system hardening
Optimize Industrial Defender operation to lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

What’s Included?

Asset Inventory Management
Cybersecurity Event Triaging
Vulnerability Monitoring
Policy Management
Maintenance & Administration of the ID Platform
Monthly Review Meetings