Solution by Function: Executive

Manage Cyber Governance & Risk Across your OT Infrastructure

Our solution helps security executives holistically manage cyber risk inside their operational technology environments.

The Challenge

Prioritizing cybersecurity mitigations to effectively reduce risk for the business.

Our Solution

Industrial Defender delivers data on OT cybersecurity risks and threats in your preferred format. Our powerful platform coupled with comprehensive enterprise integrations helps security executives to:

Gain visibility into OT cyber risk levels at the both the site level and asset level with our risk analytics engine.
Ensure business continuity with centralized threat detection and machine learning via advanced enterprise integration capabilities for SIEMs and SOAR systems.
Manage cyber governance using our automated compliance reporting and built-in policies for international regulatory requirements.
Industrial Defender Platform

Reduce and Report on Your OT Cyber Risk

Our OT cybersecurity solution enables executives at critical infrastructure companies to make informed cyber risk management decisions.

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