Webinar: Why Do Ransomware Gangs Target Private Equity Portfolio Companies?

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Ransomware attacks are increasing against critical infrastructure companies, with many of those breaches occurring after a merger or acquisition announcement. Private equity firms with critical infrastructure portfolios need to understand the true cost of a cyber attack and how to ensure a strong operational technology (OT) security program for their industrial assets.

Watch this webinar recording to hear a discussion on how ransomware groups identify their targets and how private equity companies can evaluate cybersecurity risk as part of the standard due diligence process. Hear from the perspectives of OT cybersecurity and risk assessment leaders to learn:

  • How to strengthen the outward cyber appearance of industrial assets to avoid a nation state cyber attack
  • Best practices for M&A announcements and why you should delay them before cyber diligence and mitigations are in place
  • How to choose a cybersecurity standard to adopt such as CIS or NIST CSF for a critical infrastructure asset

  • Jim Crowley
    CEO, Industrial Defender
  • Steve Doty
    Defensible Technology