Professional Services

Industrial Defender Professional Services

From consulting to design and implementation, monitoring, maintenance and training services, our team of experienced experts deliver holistic cybersecurity programs to help maintain your cyber defenses over time.

Our approach

There are multiple reasons to augment your highly trained but busy staff with our team

Industrial Defender’s broad range of service offerings includes commissioning, support, training, engineering, analysis, advising and technical consulting to ensure you get the most value possible from your deployment.

Work hand in hand with customers to understand their unique needs and apply the right solutions
Focus on system hardening and threat prevention using the Industrial Defender platform
Optimize platform deployment for each customer’s environment to achieve the lowest TCO

Our Service Offerings

We provide expert help to customers just getting started with our comprehensive platform.
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The Industrial Defender services team provides the highest quality customer support fo your users via email, phone or our Support Portal.
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Our training programs educate solution users and administrators on how to get the most from their Industrial Defender products.
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A recurring health check service for your Industrial Defender infrastructure helps you get the best value and performance from our solution.
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Our CopilOT ServiceTM reduces the workload of managing an OT cybersecurity tool for internal teams, freeing up time to focus on strategic initiatives.
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Service Brochures

Commissioning Services
The Industrial Defender services team provides expert help to customers just getting started with our comprehensive platform.
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Training Services
Classroom training provides an in-depth view of the Industrial Defender products.
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Sustain Service
Sustain is a regular interval health check service for customer’s Industrial Defender Infrastructure.
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