M&A Cyber Diligence

Industrial Defender M&A Cyber Diligence Service

Identify potential cybersecurity risks and remediation costs in a target acquisition with our rapid assessment methodology.

Our approach

Industrial Defender’s M&A Cyber Diligence Service empowers executives

Evaluating cyber risk as part of the standard due diligence process is now a requirement. A significant cybersecurity incident will cost tens of millions of dollars due to lost revenue, ransom payments, legal fees, incident response costs and increased cyber insurance premiums. Company owners, CEOs and boards of directors are also being held personally liable for a lack of security oversight following a data breach.

Industrial Defender’s M&A Cyber Diligence Service empowers executives to identify potential cybersecurity risks in a target acquisition that would have material impact on the deal structure. Our service rapidly evaluates cybersecurity maturity levels, incremental risks and external cyber liabilities at a target acquisition through self-reporting and third-party verification services. Industrial Defender can also provide more in-depth evaluations pre- or post-acquisition.

Key Benefits

Rapidly assess cyber risk in a target acquisition
Create an effective due diligence process for evaluating security-related financial risks
Provide implementation roadmap for a cybersecurity program based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls
Identify a range of potential remediation costs

What’s Included?

Security program maturity review
Interview with business and technology managers to identify potential cybersecurity risks
Policy, standards, and incident response (IR) plan assessment
Third-party ratings review and evaluation
Dark web search
Assessment of public-facing security posture
Cyber insurance policy coverage assessment
Cybersecurity budget and operational roadmap development review