View our collection of ICS & OT-related infographics

Infographic: 7 Qualities to Look For in an OT Vulnerability Management Solution

Learn how to evaluate OT vulnerability management solutions using our infographic detailing 7 critical factors.

Infographic: Simplify OEM Patch Management

Learn how Industrial Defender & FoxGuard Solutions can help you figure out what critical vulnerabilities exist, whether the affected devices are in your OT environment, and what patches, if any, are available.

Infographic: 5 Critical Cybersecurity Controls To Have In Place Before A Divestiture

We recommend implementing these five foundational cybersecurity controls before you begin the divestiture process for a portfolio company.

Infographic: Cyber Risk Management for Private Equity Firms

Learn how Industrial Defender can help your private equity firm manage cyber risk, including prevention of attacks, reduction of insurance premiums, and demonstration of good cyber posture during exit events.

Infographic: 10 Cybersecurity Questions To Ask Before An Acquisition

We recommend asking these 10 questions to get a better understanding of a company’s cybersecurity maturity level before making an acquisition.

Infographic: The Cyber Threat Landscape in Today’s Buildings

Today’s “smart” buildings feature automation and connectivity among the systems that manage functions like HVAC, physical security, lighting, energy, and more. Learn about the various threat vectors within buildings and the potential consequences of a successful cyber attack on each.

Infographic: MITRE ATT&CK for ICS Detection Methods

Learn how Industrial Defender can use the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS framework using a combination of agent, agentless or passive detection methods.