Case Studies

Case Studies

Discover how Industrial Defender ASM is helping customers around the world manage their connected OT assets, detect cyber threats and automate compliance efforts.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for the Petrochemical Industry

Learn how Industrial Defender helped a large petrochemical company with more than 30 plants integrate a mix of distributed control systems (DCS) to provide advanced security reporting.
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Case Study: Cybersecurity for the Natural Gas Industry

Learn how Industrial Defender helped an offshore natural gas generation company unify their OT and IT cybersecurity monitoring operation and solve complex multi-national compliance challenges.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Chemical Manufacturing

Learn how Industrial Defender helped a Fortune 500 chemical company improve the visibility and health of a growing Process Control Network (PCN), including the implementation of Defense-in-Depth® security program, remote monitoring of process control system, and improved predictive maintenance.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Clean Power Generation

Learn how the largest independent wind power generator in North America breezed through their NERC CIP audit, saving $3 million in upgrade costs with Industrial Defender ASM, including delivering NERC CIP compliance reporting, continuous security monitoring capabilities, asset management and more.