Case Studies

Case Studies

Discover how Industrial Defender is helping customers around the world manage their connected OT assets, detect cyber threats and automate compliance efforts.

Case Study: US Green Energy Provider

This Industrial Defender customer provides carbon-free electricity to its customers and is transforming their grid to be more flexible and renewable to fight climate change. During their transition to greener energy sources, the company implemented the Industrial Defender (ID) platform to meet their needs for OT cyber resilience and alignment with best practice frameworks.

Case Study: US Plastics Manufacturer

Because the company’s operations are subject to significant hazards and risks inherent in ethylene production operations, a successful cybersecurity attack could have grave consequences. This US plastic manufacturer’s leadership was tasked with securing their systems against cyberthreats to protect the health and safety of workers and the environment around them, while also avoiding business disruptions.

Case Study: Middle Eastern Oil & Gas Company

Increased global connectivity and the significant increase in the number of sophisticated cyberthreats targeting industrial control systems (ICS) drove this Middle East Oil & Gas company’s leadership to identify new risks and develop solutions to enhance cyber resilience and reduce risk to their ICS environments.

Case Study: Rand McNally

Learn how Industrial Defender engineers and analysts consulted with Rand McNally to implement key cybersecurity mechanisms, based on the CIS Controls.

Case Study: Smart Grids

Learn how Industrial Defender secured an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project for a large power company.

Case Study: NERC CIP Compliance for Clean Power Generation

Download this case study on cybersecurity for clean power generation learn how a large independent wind power generator breezed through their NERC CIP audit.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Chemical Manufacturing

Download this white paper on cybersecurity for chemical manufacturing to learn how a Fortune 500 company used Industrial Defender to monitor their PCN network.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Natural Gas Generation

Learn how Industrial Defender’s cybersecurity solutions were deployed for a natural gas generation company in the Middle East and helped improve their IT/OT cybersecurity monitoring operation.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for the Petrochemical Industry

Download this case study on cybersecurity for the petrochemical industry to learn how ID helped a large chemical company integrate security for 30 plants.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Electrical System Distribution Operators

Learn how Industrial Defender helped an electrical distributed system operator meet the requirements of the CIS Controls and EU NIS Directive cybersecurity standards.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Multinational Gas and Electrical Distribution

Learn how Industrial Defender enabled an electric and gas utility to unify their OT security architecture and put in place network intrusion detection.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Combined Cycle Powerplants

Learn how Industrial Defender worked with the plant commissioning team for a combined cycle power plant to provide complete cybersecurity asset monitoring and NERC-CIP compliance for a complex control system with dozens of vendors.

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Chemical Processing

Learn how Industrial Defender helped a global chemical processing company build a tool for monitoring their OT assets, including vulnerability assessment and passive monitoring capabilities.