Risk Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM)

Industrial Defender Risk Signal

Discover the smarter approach to vulnerabilities with risk-based vulnerability management from Industrial Defender. Industrial Defender Risk Signal intelligently prioritizes your remediation efforts based on the risk factors specific to your environment. With this innovative RBVM solution, you'll focus only on the critical vulnerabilities that truly impact your operations, significantly reducing time and effort while strengthening your security posture.

Streamline your security process, save valuable time and resources, and accelerate your security efforts with Industrial Defender Risk Signal.

Take Vulnerability Management Further, Faster

Risk-based vulnerability management provides enhanced insights beyond traditional technical criticality and CVSS scores. Industrial Defender Risk Signal  integrates threat intelligence and your organization’s specific business context to deliver a prioritized and actionable remediation plan that will have the greatest influence on protecting operations.

Benefits of Industrial Defender Risk Signal

Integrated Threat Intelligence: Integrates threat intelligence to automatically enrich the vulnerability and asset data  
Unique Business Considerations: Ability to define and factor in the importance business importance of assets (with respect to its purpose and context the organization)
Prioritized Remediation Plans: Achieves over 97% reduction in the number of identified vulnerabilities that represent areal risk. 
Data Consolidation: Automated data and feed aggregation, with vulnerability information from internal and external sources cleansed, enriched, and consolidated for use by various teams 
Customizable Risk Tolerance: Adaptable todifferent organizational risk tolerance levels.

Integrated Vulnerability Intelligence

General Vulnerability Data

  • General Vulnerability Data
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Dynamic/Static Code Scanning
  • Pen Test Results
  • Breach Attack Simulation
  • EDR/XDR Enumeration

External Intelligence

  • External Intelligence
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Exploit Prediction
  • NIST CVE Feed
  • Microsoft KB
  • ExploitDB

Business Context

  • Risk & Compliance
  • Remediation/ITSM
  • CMDB
  • Network & Infrastructure
  • Security Ops & IR
  • Endpoint Security
  • Network & Infrastructure