Managing Australia's Critical Infrastructure Security Compliance

Protecting Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

Australia's critical infrastructure continues to navigate the landscape of persistent cyber threats that could disrupt essential services and impact communities. Industrial Defender is committed to aiding Australian critical infrastructure operators in bolstering their cybersecurity programs, meeting the vision outlined by the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) Act and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

With the Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program (CIRMP) requirements now in effect, Industrial Defender's proven OT platform equips operators with what they need to effectively manage their security and comply with evolving cybersecurity regulations.

Standardizing Risk Management for Australia

The Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program (CIRMP) has set forth rules to comply with an approved cybersecurity framework by August 2024. By enforcing compliance with an established standard, such as Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework (AESCSF), the Australia aims to ensure maturity, consistency, and effectiveness of security controls for all operators.

Since 2006, Industrial Defender has been at the forefront of critical infrastructure cybersecurity, with a specialized focus on compliance. Our depth of experience and tailored approach positions us uniquely to guide your organization in not just meeting but excelling in compliance with the CIRMP rules and reducing OT risk. 

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Meet Compliance Deadlines

The deadline for compliance with the CIRMP rules in August 2024 may seem distant, but the journey to compliance is intricate and time-sensitive. Industrial Defender has the tools, the expertise, and the proven track record to ensure that your operations align with the mandated standards, well ahead of the deadline.

Automated Assessments
Automatically assess and align system to compliance standards 

Audit-Ready Reporting
Easily provide compliance evidence with out-of-the-box reports

History & Change Detection
Maintain system integrity and compliance over time

OT Asset Management
Get the ultimate situational awareness or your OT systems

*The deadline to fulfill cyber security framework specifications is 18 August 2024. 

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