Automate NERC CIP Compliance with Industrial Defender

Industrial Defender has helped North American utilities automate their NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance management and reporting for over a decade. Compliance teams love our platform because it saves them time, effort and money on their NERC CIP programs.

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Industrial Defender NERC CIP Features

Asset Management

Create a single source of truth for every OT asset that includes configuration & change management, vulnerability & patch management, security baselining, and compliance reporting.

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Compliance Reporting

Industrial Defender eliminates the manual task of data collection and report generation for NERC auditors with just a few clicks. Users can also configure report subscriptions for non-privileged users.

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Policy Management

Easily create, deploy, and audit NERC CIP compliance with our built-in policies for your OT environment. As a vendor-agnostic solution, policies can be written and applied to multiple assets, saving time and effort.

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Workflow Automation

Compliance teams can integrate document management and reporting as part of a structured workflow to initiate, track, approve, document, and report on asset changes in one place.

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"Since 2012, Industrial Defender has been instrumental in bolstering Xcel Energy's cybersecurity efforts, managing OT assets, and ensuring compliance with NERC CIP, TSA Directive, and internal policies, thereby supporting our delivery of reliable electric and natural gas services to millions of customers."

- Jamey W. Sample, Chief Security Officer, Xcel Energy

What our clients say

“We’ve reclaimed 85% of our time switching to Industrial Defender for NERC CIP compliance. Its reporting really does work out of the box – no need for custom coding or messy workarounds to work in our environment.

What used to take 5 hours now takes 45 minutes with Industrial Defender’s platform. And unlike previous solutions that required extensive training, Industrial Defender is easy for my entire team to use."

Renewable Energy Provider Reclaims 85% of Their Time on NERC CIP Compliance

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