We Invented OT Security

Founded in 2006, Industrial Defender was the first OT cybersecurity provider in the market. The Industrial Defender application has been widely adopted by some of the largest critical infrastructure companies in the world to provide asset management and cybersecurity monitoring for their OT environments. Industrial Defender is a specialized solution that navigates the complexities and risks of interacting with real-time control systems, and our engineering experts continuously innovate to meet new security challenges in industrial control systems (ICS).

With installations in North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia, Industrial Defender works with some of the largest utility and energy companies in the world, as well as manufacturing, transportation and higher education companies. All of our engineering is based in North America, and our development team is held to stringent cybersecurity standards.

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We were the first OT cybersecurity provider in the market.
Our customers include some of the largest energy companies in the world.
Our product development is 100% North America-based.

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A Long History of Innovation


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