About Industrial Defender

Since 2006, Industrial Defender has been solving the challenge of safely collecting, monitoring, and managing OT asset data at scale, while providing cross-functional teams with a unified view of security. Our specialized solution is tailored to complex industrial control system environments by engineers with decades of hands-on OT experience. Easy integrations into the broader security and enterprise ecosystem empower IT teams with the same visibility, access, and situational awareness that they’re accustomed to on corporate networks. We secure some of the largest critical control system deployments with vendors such as GE, Honeywell, ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Yokogawa, and others to protect the availability and safety of these systems, simplify standards and regulatory requirements, and unite OT and IT teams.

Industrial Defender Company Timeline

  1. Industrial Defender launches first ICS security product - ID SIEM
  2. Industrial Defender ships first ICS IDS including specific signatures to detect ICS malware
  3. Industrial Defender integrates with first ICS UTM’s from Fortinet
  4. Industrial Defender Trademarks “Defense in Depth”
  5. Industrial Defender Opens first ICS SOC
  6. Industrial Defender Patents “industrial defender protocol” for northbound only communications
  7. Industrial Defender launches first ICS compliance product ID Compliance Manager 
  8. Industrial Defender delivers agentless collection framework
  9. Industrial Defender launches second generation technology ID ASM
  10. Industrial Defender creates first set of standardized NERC-CIP reporting
  11. Industrial Defender is first company to integrate serial devices, PLC’s, RTU’s into asset inventory
  12. Industrial Defender Integrates 100th industrial device onto platform
  13. Industrial Defender ships automated deployment framework
  14. Industrial Defender ships 3RD Generation Hardware
  15. Industrial Defender ships enterprise integrations (customer reporting and API)
  16. Industrial Defender develops first passive vulnerability management suite
  17. Industrial Defender ships passive monitoring with ID NIDS
  18. Industrial Defender ships first custom reporting package
  19. Industrial Defender provides templates for CIS and NIS Directive reporting
  20. Industrial Defender Integrates 200th Industrial Device onto platform

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