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Founded in 2006, Industrial Defender was the first OT cybersecurity solution in the market. Over the years, we have become the OT cybersecurity partner of choice for some of the largest critical infrastructure companies powering our world, including 8 of the 10 largest utilities in North America. Our stable, cutting-edge platform greatly reduces the risk of a successful cyberattack, something that is more important than ever in today’s world.

Because our platform is not just a point solution, Industrial Defender has a 99% renewal rate, and our customers continually expand their cybersecurity programs using our scalable platform year after year as they grow and mature. All of our product development and engineering is based in North America, with no customers or operations in adversarial nations, and our development team is held to the most stringent cybersecurity standards.

We were the first OT cybersecurity provider in the market.
Our customers include 8 of the 10 largest utilities in North America.
Industrial Defender has a 99% customer renewal rate.

“Industrial Defender provided very useful information about our cyber risk posture that we were able to use to harden our environment further and feel reassured that we are protected against future threats.”

– Director of IT at Rand McNally

“With Industrial Defender, we were able to better protect our process control systems against cybersecurity threats, improve operational efficiency and meet our compliance obligations.”

– OT Security Manager at Fortune 500 Chemical Company

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