Webinar: How to Build a Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Building Management System

Buildings are a critical asset that need cybersecurity protection. Besides posing a threat to the equipment and people inside, a successful cyberattack against a building management system (BMS) could provide an entry point into other critical business systems within the enterprise network. Depending on your industry, this could lead to anything from a shutdown of or tampering with a critical facility, to the theft of intellectual property or customer credit card information, or even compromised patient safety in hospitals.

The increasing number of cyber threats, an abundance of new critical vulnerabilities, the growing number of unattended intelligent controllers, and the inherent openness of the industry’s most prevalent communications protocol – BACNet, makes securing building management systems a must for all organizations today.

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • The emerging threat of ransomware and its impacts on building management systems
  • Effective ways to detect and prevent cyberattacks
  • How to deploy industry standards like the US Government’s NIST Cybersecurity Framework to measure your security program’s progress


Barry Coflan - Building Systems Technology Expert
Jeremy Morgan – Principal Risk & Solutions Consultant, Industrial Defender
Peter Lund - Director of Product Management, Industrial Defender