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Industrial Defender ASM for Splunk App Delivers Deeper Contextual Data for Faster Response to Security Events

The Industrial Defender ASM for Splunk app increases the effectiveness of using Splunk in OT environments by providing detailed asset information to quickly identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity issues.

Foxborough, MA, April 20, 2021 Industrial Defender, a pioneer in operational technology (OT) security, today announced the launch of their Industrial Defender ASM for Splunk App in Splunkbase. When a security event occurs in complex OT environments, it can be difficult to get the right information to the right people to quickly respond to an emerging cybersecurity threat. The Industrial Defender ASM for Splunk app solves this challenge by delivering security events with deep asset context to analysts, so they can quickly identify and mitigate potential security issues.

“This app is unique within the OT space because it goes beyond simply providing basic alert data from the network. It also delivers contextual asset data, like vulnerabilities, changes to firewall rules, user accounts, and use of removable media, along with the location, criticality, and contact information for the OT asset owner, directly to security analysts,” says Peter Lund, VP of Product Management at Industrial Defender. “With this app, security operations teams will have a much easier time identifying and diagnosing a real cybersecurity issue versus an operational change. By enhancing collaboration between IT and OT teams, the app will help our customers get the most value out of their investments in both Splunk and the ASM.”

The Industrial Defender ASM for Splunk app delivers detailed asset and network data related to security events and changes into two pre-configured dashboards, the SOC Dashboard and the Asset Insights Dashboard. The API Add-on also automates the manual process of mapping the comprehensive data sets provided by the ASM to the Splunk user interface.

To preview all the asset and security data that the Industrial Defender ASM for Splunk App provides, view the solution brief or download the app in Splunkbase.

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