Partner Brief: Splunk

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Partner Brief: Splunk

Partner Brief: Splunk

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The Industrial Defender for Splunk app solves complex OT security data challenges by delivering security data events with deep asset context to analysts, so they can quickly identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity issues.

The app increases the effectiveness of using Splunk in OT environments by providing not just alert data, but also contextual asset information including location, criticality, and contact information for the OT asset owner. The Industrial Defender API Add-on for Splunk also eliminates the manual process of mapping the comprehensive data sets provided by Industrial Defender to the Splunk user interface.

Solution benefits include:

  • Detect recent changes and security events across your asset base and at your perimeter to take decisive action when vulnerabilities and threats are identified.
  • Mitigate cyber threats quickly with actionable, contextual, security event data.
  • Enhance IT and OT collaboration with common situational awareness into critical ICS environments.