Industrial Defender ASM®

Industrial Defender ASM®

Industrial Defender ASM® is a management platform designed to address the overlapping requirements of cybersecurity, compliance, and change management for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). A “single pane of glass” that provides asset visibility, tracking, configuration, policy control, and reporting for industrial endpoints from multiple vendors.

ID’s active dashboard provides a tabbed interface for easy access to key information about assets, security, operations, and compliance. These tabs provide visibility to top level asset data, security event trends, operational controls, and system-wide compliance.

Three Challenges

for Industrial Control Systems


Protecting against threats from both malicious outsiders and well-intentioned insiders.


Managing increasing external oversight from government (NERC CIP, BSI) and internal compliance with corporate policies, industry associations and best practices (NIST, CPNI, ISA99 (ISA/IEC 62443), API 1164, NIS Directive, CIS 20 Compliance, and more.).

Change Management

Knowing what assets are in your environment and when changes are made to those assets.

One Solution

Industrial Defender ASM®

Asset Management

Configuration Management

Security Event Management

Policy Management

Compliance Reporting

Work Automation

Vulnerability Monitoring

Industrial Defender ASM® Solution Overview

Asset Management

You can’t secure what you don’t know you have.

Reduce cyber security risks
Support compliance requirements
Unified, single view of asset base
New! Visualize deployed assets with asset topology

Configuration & Change Management

Monitor and manage changes down to the last mile.

Manage configuration rules remotely
Reduce manual activities by 80%
Improve change management
Eliminate configuration drift
Report compliance effortlessly
Improve control system cyber security

Security Event Management

Actionable intelligence from your control systems.

New! Analyze asset trends
Improve situational awareness
Monitor system performance
Consolidate event logs
Detect anomalies
Triage alerts
Generate reports

Policy Management

“…helped us bridge the gap between IT and OT.”
IT Vice President, Large IOU

Communicate new policies
Track acceptance
Manage conformance
Always be audit-ready

Compliance Reporting

“Fast, better audit results.”
NERC Compliance Manager, Top 5 IOU

NIST & NERC CIP compliance
Ports and services
Software inventory
Password policy
User accounts
New! Reports from search
New! Custom reporting

Work Automation Suite

Eliminate manual change processes

WORKFLOW Initiate, track, approve, document and automatically report on progress
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT A central repository for all documents related to changes
AUTOMATED REPORTING Trigger reports based on completion of change or a defined time

Vulnerability Monitoring

Combine the power of asset management with the accuracy of NIST’s vulnerability database and the timeliness of ICS-CERT threat alerts.

Automatically identify your computing assets and configuration details
Compare your assets to NIST’s vulnerability database
Generate a report of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)
Make better patching, auditing and maintenance decisions


Gain a consolidated view into your ICS asset base at a single site and across your fleet to monitor trends, manage events and investigate anomalies
Improve accuracy and efficiency of compliance reporting with automated data collection and archival of artifacts relevant to regulatory requirements
Reduce cybersecurity risks with automated asset configuration collection, enabling you to perform on-demand vulnerability management
Increase visibility into systems performance including application and process failures, registry and file changes
Improve situational awareness and reduce total cost of ownership with multiple application feature sets on a single platform