Healthcare Facilities Cybersecurity

Industrial Cybersecurity for Healthcare Facilities

Many vulnerable building management system (BMS) devices in healthcare facilities are connected to the enterprise network, providing an easy attack vector into connected medical devices and sensitive patient data. Our solution centralizes cybersecurity protection for industrial devices in healthcare facilities.
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Benefits of Industrial Cybersecurity for Healthcare Facilities


Detect & Prevent Cyberattacks

Our solution detects vulnerabilities and anomalies in BMS devices that may lead to a compromise and monitors all third-party maintenance activities.

Monitor Critical Areas

Keep critical facilities within a hospital, such as high-security storage areas, lab environments and HVAC systems, secure with centralized cybersecurity monitoring.

Reduce BMS Operating Cost

By automating system integrity and revision level reporting, facilities teams can reduce manual compliance tasks, saving time and money.
  • Energy System
  • Elevator Control Room
  • HVAC System
  • Corporate Network
  • Unified BMS Cybersecurity Monitoring for Healthcare Facilities



    Gaining full visibility into BMS devices, keeping hospital facilities and data cyber secure, and streamlining maintenance efforts.


    Our platform helps healthcare security teams solve these challenges with full visibility into BMS and other industrial devices, real-time cybersecurity monitoring and alerting, and policy templates to ensure third-party activity is compliant.

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    Effective Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems (BMS)

    Our Building Defender™ solution mitigates risk from the ever-expanding cyber threat landscape with safe and effective cybersecurity data collection, monitoring, and management for BMS systems and devices.

    Explore the use cases of our BMS cybersecurity solution, including:

    • Detect and prevent cyberattacks before they cause damage to critical building systems or gain access to valuable enterprise data
    • Monitor third-party contractors and vendors accessing your building systems
    • Automate compliance with built-in policy and reporting templates
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