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Solution Brief: Effective Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems (BMS)

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Our proven industrial cybersecurity solution is now available for building management systems. With Building Defender™, facilities engineers and IT professionals can address the ever-expanding cyber threat landscape with safe and effective cybersecurity data collection, monitoring, and management for BMS systems and devices.

Building Defender™ sensors analyze systems, devices and network traffic using popular building management system protocols such as BACnet and Modbus. Using this information, our platform creates an asset baseline, which can then be continuously monitored for any changes that could indicate a cyberattack. After an anomaly is detected, it’s immediately delivered to the central management console, and an alert is sent to the appropriate parties with actionable data for remediation actions.

Explore the benefits and use cases that our solution can help you with, including:

  • Detect and prevent cyberattacks before they cause damage to critical building management systems or gain access to valuable enterprise data
  • Reduce BMS operating cost by automating system integrity and revision level reporting
  • Eliminate surprises by receiving automatic alerts any time, any place