Proven Industrial Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems

Building Defender

Proven Industrial Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems

Detect and prevent cyberattacks on building management systems (BMS) with Building Defender™.
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Key Benefits

Detect and prevent cyberattacks against your BMS
Quantify risk level for all BMS devices
Reduce risk from emerging critical vulnerabilities
Remotely monitor third party maintenance activity
Share security data cross-functionally with API-enabled integrations
Eliminate surprises with 24/7 automatic alerts


Keep Your Building Management Systems Secure

Effective cybersecurity management reduces the core risks associated with the ever-expanding cyber threat landscape that facilities teams are facing.

In this solution brief, you’ll learn how Building DefenderTM can help you detect and prevent cyberattacks, reduce BMS operating cost, and eliminate surprises with automatic alerts.

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You can’t secure what you don’t know you have.

  • View your entire ICS asset base from a single application
  • Automatic risk scoring for each asset
  • Vulnerability monitoring to detect emerging threats
  • Create policies for assets and asset groups


Streamline security event management.

  • Detect changes in BMS assets
  • Monitor building networks
  • Monitor system performance
  • Receive automatic alerts any time, any place


Built-in compliance templates for your standard.

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • 20 CIS Controls
  • ISA 99/IEC 62443
  • NIS Directive
  • NEI


Feed detailed OT asset data into the broader enterprise ecosystem.

  • SIEMs
  • CMDBs
  • ITIL ticketing systems
  • Business intelligence tools
  • and more


The Cyber Threat Landscape in Today’s Buildings

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A Tale of Two Buildings: Why Preparation Is Vital When Responding to a Cyber Attack

This theoretical scenario where an HVAC technician accidentally exposes customers’ building automation systems to a cyber attack shows the importance of incident response preparation.

How to Maintain a Cyber Secure Building Infrastructure

Building automation systems include the full scope of operational technology in large buildings. Learn the best practices for maintaining a cyber secure building infrastructure after it has been commissioned.

What Role Do Vendors Play in Building Automation System Cybersecurity?

Supporting building systems involves a cast of third-party vendors. Each must play a role in improving building automation system cybersecurity.

Building Defender

Take a guided tour of the product with one of our knowledgeable staff members.

  • Real-time cyberattack detection and alerting
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Automated standards & compliance reporting

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How to Build a Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Building Management System

Topics discussed in this webinar include:
  • The emerging threat of ransomware and its impacts on building management systems
  • Effective ways to detect and prevent cyberattacks
  • How to deploy industry standards like the US Government’s NIST Cybersecurity Framework to measure your security program’s progress