The PrOtect OT Cybersecurity Podcast: 2023 Wrapped

December 27, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. In 2023, Industrial Defender's PrOTect OT Podcast stood out in the industry, offering listeners a front-row seat to insightful discussions led by none other than our Chief Technology Officer, Aaron Crow. We are closing out the year with 47 episodes! Throughout the year, this podcast hosted a stellar lineup of industry experts, each contributing a wealth of unique experiences and engaging conversations that delved deep into the world of cybersecurity.

OT Relevance in 2023

The PrOTect OT Podcast reached many people across the world, and proved that cybersecurity matters in every business and industry. From safeguarding power plants to fortifying water treatment facilities, ensuring cybersecurity in food and beverage plants, to the intricacies of protecting automotive factories – the podcast covered it all. The breadth of topics addressed made it a must-listen for professionals across various industries.

PrOtect OT’s All-Star Line-Up

We’ve been honored to host experts across OT and cybersecurity community, across various industries, ensuring that each episode carries unique opinions and situations about the need to protect the cyber-physical. These industry experts shared their experiences, best practices, and strategies for tackling the cybersecurity challenges unique to their fields. The result? A podcast series that not only educates but also holds relevance, making complex cybersecurity concepts accessible to a broader audience.

Here are some highlights from Aaron, reflecting on our inaugural year of The PrOTect OT Podcast:

What do you enjoy most about doing the podcast?

I love getting to talk to people with all these different backgrounds and experiences and hear their stories. I am learning from these guests every time and have made great connections that go from online social media connections to real friendships and networks.

How many new people did you meet?  

Many of the people I have interviewed were folks I had related to on social media, some I may have known through others or even talked to before, and others I have known personally but it is amazing how many people are coming up at conferences and they heard the podcast because of someone else they follow and now they listen and are learning.

What was the biggest lesson you’ve learned from leading the podcast?  

There are so many amazing people with incredible knowledge and experiences.  I knew that of course in theory but talking with so many people and hearing it firsthand, and getting to know each guest a little better helped me have so much hope and excitement for the OT and cyber industry and our possible future in the space.

Do you have any funny bloopers or stories?

Episode 8 with Debbie Gordon, we were in the middle of a discussion, and I just blanked, I didn’t know where I was trying to lead the conversation, I just couldn’t talk.  Debbie was awesome and we laughed, reset, and started in a different direction.  It was funny and is the only time it has happened, at least to that level!

Episodes to Explore:

Navigating through the 47 episodes of 2023 can be an exciting adventure, and it’s hard to pick our favorites. But to help you dive in or revisit some impactful discussions, here are a few organized by topics. These episodes offer insights into bridging the IT/OT divide, implementing best practices within compliance frameworks, and strategies for effective vulnerability management.

The Importance of OT Security:

Bridging IT and OT

Best Practice & Compliance Frameworks:

Vulnerabilities and Risk

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