Podcast: Episode #35 - Raphael Arakelian: Beyond the Tools - Maturing Implementation to Reduce Risk

October 5, 2023

Episode 35: Raphael Arakelian: Beyond the Tools - Maturing Implementation to Reduce Risk

About Raphael Arakelian: Raphael Arakelian is a distinguished figure in the field of cybersecurity, serving as a manager within PwC Canada's OT & IoT cybersecurity team. With a national leadership role, he directs PwC Canada's efforts in OT monitoring implementation services, overseeing proof-of-concept evaluations and implementations across diverse industries. Raphael's unwavering commitment to securing critical infrastructure and industrial systems against cyber threats showcases his profound passion for advancing OT monitoring technology and staying at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.

In this episode, Aaron and Raphael Arakelian discuss:

  • Evaluation OT security solutions beyond technological features
  • Maturing implementation considering technical requirements, business requirements, and organizational factors
  • Exploring the integration of active scanning in OT cybersecurity protocols
  • Achieving comprehensive OT asset management and cybersecurity monitoring
  • Bridging the gap between OT and cybersecurity
  • The evolving role of OT cybersecurity

Key Takeaways:

  • To build a robust OT cyber monitoring program, organizations must embrace a collective approach involving a combination of tools, people, active and passive methods, and meticulous asset inventory management to enhance their security posture in an evolving threat landscape.
  • In the world of OT cybersecurity, it's not enough to simply have tools; success hinges on a meticulous understanding of assets, ongoing monitoring, and a proactive approach to vulnerabilities, even if achieving 100% coverage remains elusive.
  • It's crucial to move beyond black-and-white thinking, embrace active scanning safely, involve vendors collaboratively, and establish hybrid roles to take ownership and advance visibility for more robust OT cybersecurity practices.
  • In the next 5 to 10 years, we'll witness a pivotal shift towards more comprehensive and collaborative OT cybersecurity practices, embracing advanced monitoring technologies and the active involvement of OEMs, as the critical importance of safeguarding operational technology becomes increasingly evident.

"Most of the time, it's too much of a burden to be able to take care of the technology parts, but also influence on both sides the culture to be able to have a successful OT cyber program." — Raphael Arakelian

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