Immunity by ID™

Immunity by ID

Scanless, Cloud-Powered OT Vulnerability Management

Turn your OT asset inventory into a risk-based vulnerability management program leveraging machine learning and natural language processing.

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How Is Immunity by ID Different Than Other OT Vulnerability Management Solutions?

Because our solution is powered by an anonymized cloud, its protecting you even when you’re not asking it to, just like your immune system. As soon as a vulnerability is published, you’ll know if you’re at risk, without waiting for the next software update.
Our Vulnerability Prioritization Engine delivers a prioritized list of vulnerabilities based on asset criticality and risk levels.
Using machine learning and natural language processing, our solution ingests and normalizes asset data, regardless of format. Use existing inventory from a passive monitoring tool, spreadsheet or CMDB to maximize your ROI.
Instant Time to Value
Immunity by ID is up and running in a matter of days, allowing users to begin their vulnerability management program within weeks, not years. Simple, transparent pricing lets you easily scale your subscription as you grow.

How Immunity by ID Works

Upload your asset inventory data in the format that works for you.
After the data is normalized, our Vulnerability Prioritization Engine delivers vulnerabilities and patches, mapping them to your assets.
View vulnerabilities and weighted risk in the Immunity by ID application.
The patch deployment is validated by Immunity.
Immunity by ID continuously monitors your asset inventory for new vulnerabilities.

Watch: Immunity by ID™ Demo

See our cloud-powered vulnerability management tool, Immunity by ID, in action. In this video, we demonstrate how to format and upload asset data for import and how to filter for the vulnerability and patch data that Immunity provides.



Infographic: 7 Qualities to Look For in an OT Vulnerability Management Solution

Learn how to evaluate OT vulnerability management solutions using our infographic detailing 7 critical factors.

Industrial Defender Unveils New Standalone OT Vulnerability Management Solution, Immunity by ID™

Industrial Defender’s new European office will serve customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to boost their cyber resilience with local resources amid escalating cyberthreats.

Immunity by ID Data Sheet

Immunity by ID, Industrial Defender’s vulnerability management solution, helps you turn your asset inventory information into an effective vulnerability management program and is offered as a standalone solution or as an add-on within the Industrial Defender platform.

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