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What Does the National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan Mean for the MTS?

The National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan highlights the role of the MTS in national security and the supply chain and the need to keep it cyber resilient.

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What Does the SolarWinds’ Sunburst Backdoor Mean for ICS?

While SolarWinds’ Sunburst backdoor is primarily an “IT problem”, what does it mean for ICS and supply chain security?

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MITRE ATT&CK for ICS Matrix: What It Is and How Its Used

The MITRE ATT&CK for ICS Matrix helps security teams make their overall risk discussion more meaningful. This primer discusses what it is and how it’s used.

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Cold Chain Cybersecurity Critical for Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

With the COVID-19 vaccine distribution right around the corner, it’s critical for stakeholders throughout the cold chain to put cybersecurity protections in place for refrigeration facilities.

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Feature Focus: Building Management System (BMS) Security and Risk Monitoring

Preview threat detection features we’ve built into the ASM for building management systems (BMS), including risk scoring, security monitoring and network analytics.

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Industrial Defender and FoxGuard Solutions Team Up to Transform Patch and Vulnerability Management for OT Security Teams

This partnership combines Industrial Defender’s depth and breadth of asset data collection with FoxGuard’s ability to report, acquire, validate and deploy vendor-approved patch and vulnerability information.

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A Guide to Preventative and Detective Controls for NERC CIP-013 Compliance

The NERC CIP-013 standard addresses cyber threats to the Bulk Electric System (BES) that come from third party vendors in the supply chain.

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Top 5 ICS Security Best Practices

Industrial control systems (ICS) are the heart of our world’s critical infrastructure and must be protected. These are 5 ICS security best practices to consider.

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Industrial Defender and Waterfall Security Solutions Partner to Safely Transmit Cybersecurity Data in Operational Technology Environments

This partnership combines Industrial Defender’s deep expertise in operational technology (OT) data collection and normalization with Waterfall’s industry-leading Unidirectional Gateways to secure OT environments.

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Feature Focus: Asset Risk Scoring Methodology & Netflow Application

Preview the new asset risk scoring and Netflow features in Industrial Defender ASM 7.3. Each OT endpoint automatically receives an overall asset risk score calculated using threat vectors including security events, compliance status, vulnerabilities and health. The methodology we use is completely transparent and allows users to choose the threat vectors that matter most to them. Our Netflow app lets you drill into asset status and communications at a glance to better understand your passive network monitoring data.

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