Electric Utilities Cybersecurity

Compliance Reporting & Cybersecurity Management for Electric Utilities

Because electric utilities provide the foundation of our connected society, they face increasing pressure to ensure the security and reliability of their OT systems, which is resulting in stricter regulatory oversight. Our solution helps utility companies automate compliance reports and manage their cybersecurity data.
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Solution Benefits for Electric Utilities


Build a Security Foundation

Validate your supply chain with complete asset inventory data, automatically quantify risk and monitor for vulnerabilities on-demand.

Automate Compliance

Automate configuration management, workflows, policy management and compliance reporting for standards and regulatory requirements.

Access Contextual Data

Detect anomalies in real time, with alerts that deliver contextual data, like how important an industrial device is, where it’s located, and who to call onsite to investigate.
  • L0: Equipment
  • L2/3: Control Room Building
  • L1: Controllers and I/Os
  • L2/3: Relay Switch Room
  • L4: Administrative Building
  • Third Party Vendor Access
  • Ensure the Security and Reliability of Your Industrial Control Systems



    Keeping up with compliance mandates, ensuring that ICS asset data is accurate and up-to-date, and detecting emerging cybersecurity threats.


    Our OT cybersecurity and compliance platform helps security teams at electric utilities solve these challenges with safe, effective OT asset data collection and normalization techniques like assisted passive monitoring, agentless capabilities and native querying.

    “NERC auditors accepted Industrial Defender’s technology and threat mitigation strategies that we put into place, instead of requiring a full operating system upgrade they had earlier requested. This was an incredible cost savings and immediately justified the purchase above and beyond what we saved by not deploying multiple point solutions.”

    VP of Compliance at Large North American Utility


    Protecting Critical Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Operations

    Learn how Industrial Defender secured an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project for a large power company.


    • Create a complete asset inventory for SCADA systems and AMI project
    • A single platform to monitor and report on security events
    • Automate NERC CIP compliance


    • Consolidated view of asset activity across AMI network and endpoints
    • Secure operational technology networks
    • Enhanced change management tracking for NERC CIP compliance
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    GridSecCon – North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)

    Learn how to automate NERC compliance efforts and mitigate cyber threats quickly with actionable OT security data from passive, on-demand vulnerability monitoring

    A Guide to NIS Directive Compliance

    Learn what the NIS Directive is, who it applies to, potential penalties for non-compliance and best practices for complying with the Directive.

    NERC CIP Checklist for Identification and Categorization of BES Cyber Assets

    NERC CIP 002-5.1a can be divided into three steps: identify systems, inventory assets, categorize risk. This can serve as a helpful model for approaching and maintaining compliance.