Operationalizing Cyber Programs for Industrial Control Systems - 5 Real World Use Cases

April 7, 2020

Learn how Industrial Defender executes ICS cybersecurity monitoring and compliance programs for complex, multi-vendor architectures in the natural gas, electrical distribution and chemical processing industries. See how Automation Systems ManagerTM can integrate with your environment to tackle common challenges like adhering to multiple compliance standards, unifying IT and OT network monitoring across vast geographies, and quickly understanding the source of security events.

Electrical System Distribution Operators

Industrial Defender uses Automation Systems ManagerTM to help an electrical distribution system operator meet the requirements of the CIS Controls and EU NIS Directive cybersecurity standards. View case study

Chemical Processing

Industrial Defender helps a global chemical processing company build a single pane of glass for monitoring their OT assets, including vulnerability assessment and passive monitoring capabilities. View case study

Combined Cycle Power Plants

Industrial Defender works with a plant commissioning team for a combined cycle power plant to provide complete cybersecurity asset monitoring and NERC-CIP compliance for a complex control system with dozens of vendors. View case study

Multinational Gas & Electrical Distribution

Industrial Defender’s ASM enables a large electric and gas utility to unify their OT architecture for enhanced security monitoring and put in place network intrusion detection in order to monitor suspicious network activity. View case study

Natural Gas

Industrial Defender helps an offshore natural gas generation company unify their OT and IT cybersecurity monitoring operation and solve complex multi-national compliance challenges. View case study