Case Study: Cybersecurity for Chemical Processing

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Case Study: Cybersecurity for Chemical Processing

Case Study: Cybersecurity for Chemical Processing

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Learn how Industrial Defender helped a global chemical processing company build a single pane of glass for monitoring their OT assets, including vulnerability assessment and passive monitoring capabilities.

Customer Profile

The customer is a large producer of chemicals including low-density polyethylene (LDPE). They produce a wide range of chemical grades that are suitable for many plastic processing techniques, which are used for various applications.

Goals & Challenges
  • Visibility and the management of assets in the complex is challenging as there are different teams using the 9 different plants with different groups/operators using them. The company’s goal was to monitor and manage these systems from one location.
  • Monitoring of events are top priority.
  • The company also has an IT system that monitors the events for the IT group servers by using a third party tool. The company’s goal was to forward the security events to the IT Security team to have another team looking at the events.
  • Monitoring the network traffic is also a goal, primarily to detect any possible attacks or abnormalities in the network.
  • There are firewalls with hard-coded rules between Level-2 and Level-3. Thus it makes it challenging to add a solution/agent in the Level 2 and beyond.
  • Build a central solution that summarizes the potential risks in their systems.
  • The company used the ASM solution to monitor and manage the inventory of their assets.
  • Events are now visible from one location only, ASM. The moment the solution was implemented, they immediately noticed the problems they were not even aware it existed. An example was a service account causing continuous failed logons. Further investigation revealed that a service no longer needed was still being used.
  • The company also found out some serious disk space issues on some of their OT devices.
  • ASM, in addition to displaying the events, forwarded the events to their IT Security Team.
  • Vulnerability Assessment feature of ASM helped the company to realize what types of weakness and vulnerabilities exists in their systems.