Vulnerability Monitoring

Vulnerability Monitoring for Industrial Control Systems

Combine accurate asset inventory data with the power of NIST’s vulnerability database and ICS-CERT alerts

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Key Benefits

Aggregate real-time vulnerability data from a variety of sources, including NIST’s CVE database and ICS-CERT advisories
Make smarter patching decisions with incredibly accurate software, hardware, firmware and patch levels
Mitigate emerging cyberthreats quickly with a list of potential vulnerabilities associated with your asset inventory and whether a patch is available

How the ASM’s Vulnerability Monitoring Service Works

Our vulnerability monitoring combines ASM’s asset management capabilities with the accuracy and completeness of NIST’s vulnerability database and ICS-CERT advisories to deliver a current list of all potential vulnerabilities associated with your asset inventory and whether a patch is available for each.

Transform Patch & Vulnerability Management with the ASM + FoxGuard Solutions

Access additional vendor-approved data via our strategic partnership
Visualize precisely which assets are missing critical vendor patches or have open vulnerabilities published in vendor feeds
Track patches from release to installation, including a security rating for each

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  • Real-time cyberattack detection and alerting
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Automated standards & compliance reporting

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