Transportation & Logistics Cybersecurity

Industrial Cybersecurity for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

Increasing digitalization in the transportation and logistics industry have exposed critical safety and operational systems to cyber threats. To address these new risks, many governing bodies are creating new cybersecurity regulations. Our cybersecurity and compliance solution for industrial assets helps transportation and logistics companies build a strong cybersecurity foundation and automate their compliance efforts.
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Our cybersecurity solution automatically identifies all connected maritime assets, including onboard ship systems, buildings, cranes, and switch yards, and monitors them for threats.


From rail systems to autonomous vehicles, our solution can identify and monitor connected operational assets to help protect them from cyber threats.


Whether you’re in the cargo or consumer market, our solution helps protect both airport facilities and aircraft systems from cybersecurity threats.
  • Warehouse & Distribution Facilities
  • RTG Cranes
  • Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes
  • Ship Onboard Systems
  • Ensure Cybersecurity and Compliance for Operational Assets



    Identifying and monitoring all connected operational technology (OT) assets, complying with emerging regulations and managing new cybersecurity tools with limited in-house resources.


    Our industrial cybersecurity platform solves these challenges with comprehensive asset management and security monitoring, plus built-in compliance reporting templates. Our Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offering takes the burden of managing new technology off in-house teams.

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    Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation for the Maritime Industry

    Learn how Industrial Defender can help stakeholders in the maritime industry solve cybersecurity and compliance challenges by:

    • Identifying and monitoring all connected operational assets, including onboard ship systems, warehouses, cranes, switch yards, and physical access control systems
    • Detecting and preventing cyberattacks against maritime assets with real-time threat alerts
    • Automating compliance with emerging cybersecurity standards from IMO, USCG, ABS, NIST, and others
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    Solution Brief: OT/ICS Network Monitoring

    Learn how the Industrial Defender NIDS passively monitors all OT network traffic using a SPAN port, mirror port or network TAP within the control network security perimeter, enabling quick asset discovery and detection of anomalous activity, including internally generated attacks and any attacks that may have circumvented perimeter defenses.

    Solution Brief: Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation for Utilities

    Learn how Industrial Defender is tailor-made to provide cybersecurity & compliance automation for utilities.

    OT Compliance Guide: NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is one of the most widely adopted voluntary standards in use today. Learn how to apply it in OT environments.