OT Cybersecurity Risk Calculator Request


OT Cybersecurity Risk Calculator Request

OT Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Calculator


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Use the Risk Assessment Calculator to:

  • Understand the full scope of the impact a cyber attack can have on your organization
  • Justify your OT cybersecurity investments and risk management strategies
  • Empower your CISO with the information needed to ensure funding for a cybersecurity budget

As ransomware attacks continue to increase against critical infrastructure, companies must become savvier about their OT cyber defenses. Cyber maturity levels of OT assets are still low across many industry segments, lacking awareness of the compounding cyber threats facing OT/ICS environments.

The Industrial Defender Risk Assessment Calculator can help you address potential security gaps in your OT environment, quantify cyber risk exposure and make the case for increased cybersecurity budget.

The cost of purchasing an OT asset management platform is far lower than the potential cost of ransomware payments, loss of revenue, safety incidents, economic disruption and more.

This risk analysis tool can help your CISO, CIO, and Chief Risk Officers make well-informed cyber risk management decisions for your ICS security program. Inform your search for an OT cybersecurity solution and measure your risk with this cyber incident cost assessment calculator today.