Webinar - Squashing Spreadsheets: How to Orchestrate OEM Patch & Vulnerability Management

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With the multiple, and sometimes conflicting, sources of patch and vulnerability data, operational technology (OT) security teams often find it difficult to make informed patching decisions. Figuring out what critical vulnerabilities are out there, whether the affected devices are in your environment, and if there is even a patch available can be a very manual and complex task that many organizations are still using spreadsheets to keep track of.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can automate this manual (and frequently confusing) task to make smarter patching decisions, including:

  • Use diverse data collection methods to create a complete OT asset inventory
  • Discover which assets are missing patches or have open vulnerabilities published in vendor-specific feeds
  • Better utilize pre-approved vendor patch and vulnerability data

  • Jeremy Morgan
    Principal Risk & Solutions Consultant, Industrial Defender
  • Jonathan Couch
    Senior Solutions Architect, FoxGuard Solutions