OT Security 101 Training: How to Get Started

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If you’re starting to prioritize cybersecurity for your operational technology (OT) systems, do you know where to begin? Since OT systems are different from traditional IT systems, you need to approach cybersecurity differently, too. Traditional IT security tools don’t work inside industrial control system (ICS) environments, yet IT teams need to understand what is going on with their OT assets to effectively protect them from cyber threats.

Operating in real time, OT systems are insecure by design and can have physical consequences. Recent examples of this include the shut downs of both Colonial Pipeline and a JBS meat packing facility.

Download this webinar recording for helpful insights on how to apply foundational OT cybersecurity controls to protect the availability and safety of your ICS environment. During this session, we discussed:

  • The differences between IT and OT security
  • Some of the notorious cyberattacks on OT and why they were successful
  • The five foundational OT security controls
  • How to effectively use an OT cybersecurity solution to defend your systems