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Case Study: Cybersecurity for Natural Gas Generation

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Learn how Industrial Defender helped an offshore natural gas generation company unify their OT and IT cybersecurity monitoring operation and solve complex multi-national compliance challenges.

Customer Profile

A natural gas company that delivers gas from offshore platforms through processing plants to customer distribution points in the Middle East.

Goals & Challenges
  • Enable real time awareness of security posture within the customer’s networks and components.
  • Deploy compliance and reporting functionality used to answer auditor concerns and comply with national laws.
  • Significantly reduce cybersecurity management while increasing security visibility.
  • Divide ICS cybersecurity into two geographic locations within the entire gas flow stream, i.e. platform to customer.
  • Dramatically improved cybersecurity visibility into the ICS network.
  • A single interface to reduce cybersecurity management and automate tasks, including compliance reporting.
  • Exceptional reporting capabilities resulted in compliance with international government monitoring regulations where no previous automated mechanism existed.
  • Industrial Defender Central Manager (IDCM) and Industrial Defender Collectors were deployed to monitor many assets consisting of switches, firewalls, computers and servers.
  • Achieved a complete security picture through active and passive monitoring of events, devices and networks.