Industrial Defender Professional Services

Industrial Defender Professional Services

From consulting to design and implementation, monitoring, maintenance and training services, our team of experienced experts deliver holistic cybersecurity programs to help maintain your cyber defenses over time.
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There are multiple reasons to support and complement your highly trained but busy staff to achieve the most out of your Industrial Defender deployment, whether it be compliance, cybersecurity or control system network health and resource monitoring. Industrial Defender’s broad range of service offerings includes commissioning, support, training, engineering, analysis, advising and technical consulting.

Our approach is to work together with customers, to build and run an effective cybersecurity program using the Industrial Defender platform. We can help you optimize and operationalize our solution for your environment to get the maximum return on your investment.

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Industrial Defender CopilOT Service

The Situation: OT Cybersecurity Talent is Limited and Expensive
As the volume, variety and sophistication of cybersecurity threats increase exponentially, critical infrastructure organizations struggle to maintain security operations centers staffed with highly skilled personnel and resources.

The Solution: Industrial Defender’s CopilOT Service
Industrial Defender’s CopilOT Service helps organizations improve the visibility into and security of their operational technology (OT). Armed with in-depth knowledge and expertise in industrial control system cybersecurity, our specialized team of engineers and analysts review all the data coming from your Industrial Defender platform to help you better understand the cybersecurity risks facing your OT environment. We deliver a complete cybersecurity review of your logs, events and audit trails across your your environments in a weekly analyst report provided to relevant stakeholders that summarizes critical events and recommendations.

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